Missing Pieces solve the puzzle of Economic Growth
Innovation in Economics
Everyone knows 'you get what you measure'. But there are no measures of innovation. There are only proxies or indicators, and none of them are satisfactory. As a result the impact of innovation on growth has been underestimated by economists for decades. This is no small matter. The origins of growth are at the heart of human welfare across the globe. The Department of Commerce attempted to rectify this in 2007 but overlooked commercial knowledge, despite the classic symptom identified by Peter F. Drucker's 'Innovation & Entrepreneurship' in 1985. It's therefore no surprise that the missing pieces of the growth puzzle eventually revealed themselves through innovation measurement in entrepreneurial situations. >To do the right things in politics, economics, management, engineering; of economic growth, you need to know how to make this measurement, or you need to know how to have it done for you - including to go beyond GDP. 1. Start from innovation management in firms here  2. Journey through what's missing from Economics here  3. Read a review of the full research in Google Books 4. Download and print the complete ring binder edition here  By implication 1-4 will have most impact on human life when made available for use through national statisical agencies, as was foreseen by the Department of Commerce in 2007.