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Commercial Knowledge Leads to New Economics
Business Innovation Economics
It’s apparent to most people that business innovation drives economic growth. But despite notable attempts, Economics still provides no rigorous numerical linkage between any portion of GDP and preceding business R&D. Economics does, however, calculate a stock of ideas from part of which new technology and products are developed. But simply placing this capital at the mouth of the Innovation Funnel is insufficient to determine growth. Only successful passage through the funnel achieves this. Yet Economics is silent on that process. Not least because, Pertinent business information is systemically hard to come by. It’s hidden from campus reach, in commercial reports; within factories, corporate offices and technical centers. And most of it relates to successful funnel passage. Innovation professionals simply haven't known the need for it within Economics. Once realized, it becomes a natural extension to use these information sources to fill the gap. The resulting methodology is extremely powerful. Not only does it provide a numerical link between Business Innovation and GDP, but it shows how to move beyond. Such knowledge accounts for, and can stimulate, economic growth.