but only the Scientific Method - not Economics - is capable of deciphering it,
Innovation links numerically to GDP
Without scientifically sound measures of technology and innovation the bold assertion by Robert M. Solow (1924-2023) that they dominate economic growth remains conjectural. Proof requires (a) rigorous definitions and (b) subsequent enumerations charting a literal and clear path to GDP within the National Accounting framework. Neither are found in Growth Economics. But they are found within innovation professional know-how applied to the task. This novel accounting for economic growth is derived from the science of physics applied to unappreciated data and has succeeded where economic orthodoxy has lapsed. From 1971 to 2018 its episodic development remained essentially private. Today it provides the language and structure needed by those who must tabulate, explain or forecast economic growth and productivity but who are stymied without it. Just follow the '8-Steps' to its '4-Laws' by clicking the tab sequence displayed above, or start from my